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Anvita is standing in front of the bookstore 'Shakespeare and Company' in Paris, France. She is looking down at a book cart filled with used books.

About Me

Anvita can trace her passion for reading all the way back to her first visit to a Scholastic Book Fair in sixth grade. Her passion for editing and proofreading stems from her time in high school being the friend who always looked over others' essays and drafts before submission as well as her position as the Lead Editor for her school's various conference newsletters, including Model UN, Ted Talks and more.

Anvita graduated from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and a Screenwriting minor. Having moved around a bit (Kolkata, Delhi, Dubai, and Los Angeles), Anvita can now be found living in Delhi, India and working as a freelance editor.


In her free time, Anvita loves to travel and try different types of local delicacies. Her favorite places to visit so far have been Zanzibar and Seoul. She also enjoys watching Kdramas and Anime, and listening to Kpop. Anvita is also an avid reader and has a Bookstagram (@anvitascorner) dedicated to all things books, Kdramas, and Kpop.


Anvita is detail-oriented and committed to give her best to each client's work, making sure that each manuscript is handled with utmost care. Her goal is to enhance the author's work and provide relevant feedback, without leaving a trace of herself in them. 

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